Sponsored by the government of Cantabria and CPAN!

Idea of the workshop:

The workshop is intended to understand, discuss, solve problems concerning Higgs boson searches at current (Tevatron, LHC) and future (ILC, ...) colliders. The focus will be on the Higgs sector of the SM and the MSSM.
For a successful Higgs boson search theory and experiment have to work hand in hand. This workshop should facilitate the interaction between experimental and theoretical Higgs physicists. The program consists of two parts: overview talks from the big experiments and from theory, as well as some short presentations relevant to the subject. About half of the time is reserved for discussions.
Previous workshops: [MHPaL 2008] [HDays 2009]

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Please note that there is a limit of 30 participants (to keep the familiar atmosphere).

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For all question send an email to Sven.Heinemeyer(at-no-spam)cern.ch .