Workshop venue

The workshop takes place at IFCA (Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria). Check also the "street view"!
Due to continuous constructions (Spain...) some details may look different than on the three year old satellite image.
Especially the red square with the parking lot its right has changed visibly. The parking lot is now called "Plaza de la Ciencia".
The big road south of the buildings is the "Av. de los Castros".

Walking from the hotel Chiqui to IFCA takes about 20 minutes.
Easy to spot on this map and a good orientation point is the football stadium.
There are two ways to reach IFCA:

Wireless connection:
In the institute there is wireless connection (eduroam and another network).
In the hotel the wireless is for free for workshop participants.

The breakfast is included in the hotel price.

The canteen of the university is about 5 minutes by foot from IFCA.
A lunch (three choices for starter, three choices for second course), desert, water and bread are served for 6.25 Euros.
The quality is acceptable for a week ;-)
A map of this place and two more restaurants close by (lunch for around 9 Euro) can be found in the first part here: [ps] [pdf]

Sven's restaurant guide, version 1.6: [ps] [pdf]
The workshop dinner on Thursday will take place in the Bodega Riojano, (1) in the "center" part of the restaurant guide

To go from the airport to the hotel it is recommended to take a taxi, price about 20 Euro.
(The name of the hotel is "Chiqui", pronounced "Chiki", stressed on the first syllable, with "Ch" like in "chocolate".)

There are four bus lines connecting the hotel (more or less directly) with the center: number 1 and 2 (relatively frequent) and 13 and 15 (less frequent). The bus stop is reached as follows:
leave the hotel to the right. At the roundabout take the first road right. The bus stop comes after 20 meters on your right side. One bus line (the 2) stops there.
You can walk 100 meters more to a bus stop with all four lines (1, 2, 13, 15). Continue the street till the next roundabout, and take the road leading to the left. Cross this street leading to the left to the other side, where you find the bus stop.
The bus stops are marked as "B1" and "B2" in the restaurant guide.
One ride costs 1.30 Euro.

A taxi to/from the centers costs about 6 Euro.
A taxi stop close to the hotel can be found about 50 meters after the first bus stop (before reaching the second roundabout, see above).

Walking to the center takes about one hour along the coast, and about 30 minutes using "the tunnel".